Currently, most of the sporting activities in Europe are conducted by volunteers in sports clubs. The management of sport organizations at the club level, at national level, but also at the European level, may have an active lack of volunteering for young people. Policy-makers are getting older and decision making becomes more bureaucratic. In order to improve the situation, the partnership coordinated by CSIT intends to put into place preparatory works for starting up the Academy of Grassroots Sport for Young Leaders. The project “YOUAca – Preparatory works for Youth Academy of Grassroots Sport” intends to invest in young people’s activation and involvement in the sports organization’s activities and social decision, through an intergenerational program of Education.


The main objective of “YOUAca” is to support a culture of educational programs into the sport organizations’ visions and policy plans. This objective will be realized by supporting innovative and educational approaches to develop skills of youngsters and young adults in grassroots sports management through the promotion of the dialogue with adult and senior sports leaders.

The specific objectives are the following:

  • to develop skills of sport management into the field of grassroots sport for youngsters and young adults
  • to foster capacity building and education for staff members and leaders of the sports organization by developing a training toolkit for sport managers operators
  • to improve good governance in sport (organizations), specifically in relation to the investment on educational programs
  • to promote sport itself as a tool for activating the participation of youngsters and young adults together with adults and senior leaders into sports organizations, through the promotion of coordinated voluntary activities.
  • to encourage social inclusion and raise equal opportunities in sport organisations by supporting the implementation of EU strategies


Preparatory Activities

Set up of the YOUAca Trainers’ Team

Selection of the target group at national level (young leaders, representatives of local institutions and sports organizations)


1st Intergenerational training meeting in Tortosa (Spain) – March 2019

Objective: mapping the training needs of young leaders in the field of grassroots sport management and monitoring activities

Design of the training modules

2nd International Youth Training Camp in Kisakeskus (Finland) – June 2019

Objective: to develop skills of leading groups and managing projects into the field of grassroots sport management, according to the mapped training needs

Implementation of the sports management skills at national level – from June to October 2019

Every national group of youngsters and young adults will be activated from the national staff members of the sports organization and will be coordinated to develop actions aiming at supporting the national sports organization activities during the stage of national or international sport events (logistic support, partners networking, dissemination and communication activities etc…).


3rd Intergenerational training meeting in Rome (Italy) – October 2019
Objectives: to develop basic skills on evaluation and monitoring of sports management skills


  • Editing and dissemination of the Handbook of guide-lines of the promotion of the training-mentoring key-activities to develop an Academy of Young Leaders in Grassroots sports management.
  • Design and dissemination of a Communication Campaign to promote the intergenerational dialogue in grassroots sports management through the involvement of the young participants
  • Dissemination activities of all the project outputs through the national communication channels, coordinated by CSIT as Applicant
  • Dissemination activities to be staged into the main international and national sports events staged by the project partners
  • Final workshop: Presentation of the final outputs and outcomes of the project held by the young components into the framework of the CSIT Congress (October 2019), held in Rome, Italy WITH a audience of 130 participants coming from 40 Countries.



CSIT Head of President’s Office

Valeria Gherardini


Cosimo Renzi


  • CSIT Youth & Young Leaders Activities: Anu Rajajarvi
  • Susanna Mantioni AICS
  • Riku Ahola   TUL


Globally 40 youngsters and young adults

30 experienced senior sports leaders