one day, 6 h

one day, 6 h

-Training offers to participant knowledge and tools to work with children and youngsters who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum, learning problems and/or mild developmental disorders.

-Improves participants skills and knowledge with extra attention needing kids. It helps them to control the whole sport group/hobbyist better, and this increases quality in sport activities.

-Reduces “drop out” in sport hobbies. When everyone in the sport group feels that they are heard and noticed equally, they feel commitment to the group or to the hobby.

-Gives participants support and help to their voluntary work in the field of grassroots sports. This way this training improves commitment to their own sport club and to TUL.

-Training is implemented virtually, so participant can join easily all over from Finland. In the future this training can be implement internationally. This virtually implementation makes participating cheaper, and also safer during the pandemic.

-Participant gets more confidence and courage to work with children with disabilities. Training also gives capabilities into future to start coaching special sport group.

-After this training TUL could offer advanced training what would focus on disabled or mentally handicapped people.

-This training could be implemented quite easily to international level. It would need of course translating to english. Problems with children with special needs are quite same all over the world.

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