Project idea
Select the options to create the presentation box
Describe the general and the specific objectives and the needs, at national and international level, they aim at addressing. Where possible, specify related indicators). Max. 3000 characters
Activities (the main characteristics and activities the sports should have in order to engage people at grassroots level and to become a practiced sport. Please describe also to which extent these activities are innovative.)
(Describe how the sports impact, during and after, on the people who practice and on the community as a whole (attendance, family etc.) Max 3000 characters
(Describe to whom the sport activities are addressed and what their needs are to be considered. Describe how the target groups will be engaged) Max 2000 characters
(Describe who are the partners and their task)
(Describe all the needs in terms of goods, services and budget in order to implement your sport activity) characters Max 2000
(Describe all the parts for which you think the project could benefit from the experience and backgrounds of the other partners’ young and senior leaders) characters Max 3000