3th Transnational meeting

3th Transnational meeting

The third transnational meeting was hosted by AICS in Rome, Finland. The meeting was thought to be in the framework of CSIT 41° Congress.

The young participants coming from KALEV (Estonia); UCEC (Catalonia); TUL (Finland) and AICS (Italy) had the great opportunity to spend their last meeting together with 130 sport representatives coming from more than 30 countries.

The first day was focused on the presentation of the project ideas that the Young Leaders have been prepared during the learning by doing phase.

Each group of participants worked together with their national coordinators in order to design 4 project ideas to be implemented at national level and 4 videos. In order to evaluate the project ideas, a board was established. The board was composed by 5 members of the CSIT executive committee: Bruno Molea (President); Wolfgang Burghardt (General Secretary); Henk Bouchoms (Sport Director); Valeria Gherardini (European Project Office); Raimund Fabi (Press Officer).

According to the feedback received and to the tips on how to design a pitch delivered by Riku Ahola, the day after, the young participants implemented their ideas and they prepared the official presentations for the last conference.

During the intergenerational dialogue between senior experienced sports leaders and future young leaders, the young participants met:

The 1st day

  • Yoram Arnstein (CSIT Enlargement and new memeberships and HAPOEL General Director)
  • Monica Zibellini (Responsible for MAMANET in Italy)
  • Rinah Ben Gershon (Mamanet TC)

Together with these roles, the participants had the chance to know what MAMANET is and which is its social impact and value on the community. Yoram Arnstein talked about the roots of this new sport that was born in Israel and it’s addressed to mother women. Then Monica Zibellini and Rinah Ben Gershon talked about their experience in MAMANET and they drove the young participants in a MAMENET experience.

The 2nd day

  • Diletta cigolini (AICS “Welcoming Culture and Inclusive Communities” project manager)

The topic was to develop knowledges on how to design a sport project aimed at promoting social cohesion of the community. Moreover, the topic was focused on how to find the founding for the project ideas.

At the end of the 2nd day, the trainers’ team headed by Anu Rajajarvi tested the skills and knowledges of the young participants through a role playing in which the young participants were asked to manage a critical situation in their sport organisations.

To end the project and to present the results, YOUAca was invited to participate to the 1° World Amateur Sport Forum, named Sport Impacts All. The Conference was the opportunity to present YOUAca and the 4 project ideas designed by the young participants to an audience composed by authorities, managers, politicians and representatives in the field of grassroots sport coming from all over the world.

At the end, the President Bruno MOlea and the CSIT Youth & Young Leaders Activities responsible Anu Rajajrvi delivered to each participant a certificate of attendance.