The project “YOULead – improving skills in the field of grassroot sport in young people” is co-funded by the program Erasmus+ Sport. It is the third edition of a project coordinated by CSIT – The International Confederation of Amateurs in Sport- with a partnership of 6 Grassroots Sport Organisations which are CSIT members: AiCS for Italy; ASKOE for Austria; HLA for Croatia; KALEV for Estonia, TUL for Finland and UCEC for Spain.
The project is the 3rd edition of an educational program started in 2019 within the framework of YOUACA – CSIT Youth Academy”.
The main objective of the project is to implement an active young Leaders’ platform into grassroots sports organisations by providing tools to develop skills and on-the-job environments to foster ability to apply what learned.
The main methodological pillars of the project are mainly 2: Intergenerational dialogue and Learning by doing. In fact, we aim at developing new ideas through a structured dialogue between senior leaders and managers coming from the grassroots sport organisations and the young participants. Consequently, the project invests on the testing and implementation of these new ideas on the field.

In particular, this edition focuses on the development of new concept of International Youth Camp to promote at international and national level.

CSIT and the partner organisations aim at investing in the next generation of managers at grassroots level in order to set up a platform in which young participants can start to develop the future of the organisations at national and international level.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Enhance skills and knowledge in grassroots sport management
  • Develop leadership skills and group management
  • Interact and exchange ideas with senior leaders coming from the grassroots sport organisations
  • Meet other young leaders and develop new networks
  • Develop English skills and knowledge