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Hi, look at me!

Sport for people with disability

Hi, look at me!

Topic: Sport for people with disability
Location: Finland
Request: Concept Note
Duration: one day, 6 h
Brief Description: One day long online training for volunteers/coaches/trainers in sport clubs in the field of grassroots sports.
The training provides knowledge and tools to work with children and youngsters (in sport hobbies) who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum, learning problems and/or mild developmental disorders.
Focus on not-competitive groups. Type of sport doesn’t matter!
Training is implemented virtually.


-Training offers to participant knowledge and tools to work with children and youngsters who are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum, learning problems and/or mild developmental disorders.

-Improves participants skills and knowledge with extra attention needing kids. It helps them to control the whole sport group/hobbyist better, and this increases quality in sport activities.

-Reduces “drop out” in sport hobbies. When everyone in the sport group feels that they are heard and noticed equally, they feel commitment to the group or to the hobby.

-Gives participants support and help to their voluntary work in the field of grassroots sports. This way this training improves commitment to their own sport club and to TUL.

-Training is implemented virtually, so participant can join easily all over from Finland. In the future this training can be implement internationally. This virtually implementation makes participating cheaper, and also safer during the pandemic.

-Participant gets more confidence and courage to work with children with disabilities. Training also gives capabilities into future to start coaching special sport group.

-After this training TUL could offer advanced training what would focus on disabled or mentally handicapped people.

-This training could be implemented quite easily to international level. It would need of course translating to english. Problems with children with special needs are quite same all over the world.


Amount of children who are needing extra help, care and attention, is getting bigger all the time. In finland this kind of children don’t usually get enough help in school, because classes are so big and schools does not have enough teachers and other adults. Nowadays children with extra needs are put in normal big classes where they can not keep up. This is a huge problem and affects negatively to children. They often think they are dumb or that there is something wrong with them.
In TUL we want to offer these kind of children place to feel supported and loved. We want to help and support these kids and their families by keeping them in sports and giving them self-confidence and other skills they need to face the world. Sadly this kind of children are dropping out from sport clubs and teams cause they don’t get the extra help they would need and again they feel like they don’t fit and can’t keep up. This is why we want to train coaches and volunteers, who teach sports to the kids, to face special need kids the right way. How to support them right and keep them in teams. Feeling included and supported in sport club makes huge difference in childrens life. It also helps the family. Happy children makes happy adults.
Although add/adhd/autism are really common nowadays, there is still huge amount of people who doesn’t know about these and huge amount of people who has something like this and feels ashamed of it. This training increases awareness about this kind of things. It also normalizes it with showing people who for example has add and telling how common is it.
This kind of training gives volunteers self-confidence. Volunteers often feel like they are not professional enough. Working with children for example adhd, it can feel like nothing you do is enough. Training gives volunteers the right tools, makes them feel more confident about their coaching and improves their commitment to their own voluntary work. When you have coaches who loves what they do, recruiting new ones isn’t so hard because they may already have heard good thing about the sport club.


-Training is six hours long. It is held in one day, on the weekend time. There are few breaks middle of the training.
-Participants gets pre-assignment, timetable of the training and a link to the training platform on email before the training. Pre-assignment includes for example; thinking and writing down own experiences and difficulties with children who needs extra care and attention.
-Training starts with going trough the days schedule. After that people are divided into smaller groups where they can talk about pre-assignment. Small groups are important because everybody gets chance to talk and it makes the pressure of the group smaller.
-Then we have two to three pedagogical professional speakers who have their own time and theme which they talk about. Plan is to include also some youngster to speak about his/her own experiences doing sports with add/adhd/autism. We have also planned to have some coach who has experience about training children who needs extra care or attention.
-After the speakers we have time for the questions which speakers can answer.
-Afterwards participants get some materials by email and also a link to fill a feedback survey.

Typology of participants

-This training is open for all volunteers/coaches/trainers in TUL in the field of children’s grassroots sports. Especially for those who wants to improve their skills with extra attention needing kids.
-Our focus is on not-competitive sport groups, type of sport doesn’t matter. Participant can be a group sport coach or individual sport coach. There are no age limits.
How to find participants:
-This training will be added in TUL’s web page, where TUL’s members can find every online training in our federation.
-We can get advertisements into TUL’s social media, and also for the TUL’s members letter which is sent monthly.
-TUL’s Equality committee will help us to spread the word for the TUL’s board and members.

Partners, if any

We will cooperate probably with Finland’s Para Olympics-federation and Soveli ry (federation for applied sports in Finland). We will ask if they could help us with this training and if they have professional people who could design and create pedagogical content to this training
-TUL’s Equality committee is willing to help us with any problems or questions. There are some senior leaders who have experiment of disability sports.


-Someone who designs and creates the materials from the pedagogical point of view for the training.
-Professional speakers for the course. Also some speakers from the grassroots sport field.
-Help for marketing the course.
-Budget calculation.
-Funding for the project from TUL

Request for improvement

-Do you have some suggestions what kind of children’s disabilities this training could focus on? (Some other that add/adhd/autism)
-Who could be the speakers in this training? (Other than pedagogical professionals)
-What could be he best virtual platform for this kind of training?
-Could there be some interesting/fun activity or a task or an exercise for the participants in this training?
-What we need to notice if this training is brought to international level?
-What could be the best way to advertise this training in federation, do you have some experience about advertising somekind of training?
-Should there be some continuation to this training, what could that be…?