International Youth Sport Camps

International Youth Sport Camps

The intent of this project, coordinated by CSIT with a partnership of 6 sport organisations (AiCS/Italy; ASKOE/Austria; HLA/Croatia; KALEV/Estonia; TUL/Finalnd and UCEC/Spain) was to build something concrete for their sport clubs, at national level, and to act at international level as well. The aim was to invest in a new CSIT Sector involving new and fresh ideas coming from the young people in the development of new International Youth Sport Camps addressing the needs of other young people aged from 16 to 20 years old.

From January 2021 to June 2022, a group composed of 29 young people and 18 seniors coming from CSIT and the other 6 grassroots sport organisations, worked on the definition of common criteria and values that could enable their camps – 6 in total – to be:

Youth – Designed by young people addressing other young people (16 – 20 years old)

Intergenerational – Improved by the Intergenerational dialogue with senior leaders

Ethic – Empowered by the shared valeus

Ready to become a new international network of CSIT Camps!

Check the 6 different International Youth Sport Camps’ ideas: find here the brochures and the videos designed by the Young Leaders through the intergenerational dialogue with the Senior Leadrs both of CSIT and of their Grassroots sport organisations: