Innovative sports


Topic: Innovative Sport
Location: Italy
Request: Concept Note
Duration: 1 year
Typology: Championship
Brief Description: RollArch is an innovative sport that combines archery and roller skating. Practically, it consists of a rollerblading path in which you make a few archery shots. Is obviously a high cardio sport, but still accessible to all.


The idea of proposing RollArch as an innovative sport starts from the need of making archery and roller-skating more known and appreciated in Italy. At the moment, in fact, they are perceived as minor sports, especially archery, and practiced only by small groups of experts.
So the main aim of RollArch is to spread knowledge about archery and roller-skating, in order to make people interested in two sports that are less practiced and to increase their visibility and popularity. The idea is to spark the interest of the youngsters, in particular.
Through the combination of these two sports, in fact, it is possible to create an activity that is more dynamic and challenging and less monotonous, in order to captivate the attention of larger groups of people. In this way, the potential user base of both archery and roller-skating would increase.
At the end, RollArch could be an opportunity to connect different groups of people and to promote an activity that is practiced open-air.


It is a sport that aims to expand the number of people interested in archery. Since it is a fusion of two sports we will see a larger number of participants and also a larger audience. So we aim to involve as many people as possible, regardless of age. Being a combination of two different sports there is a more complete physical activity. Another important thing to note is that it is a sport that can be played outdoors, so there could be a lot of interest in it because various locations could be used.


RollArch consists of dividing the race into two phases: a rollerblading path of 6 or 8 km and then at the end, using foot rests, doing 5 archery shots at a distance of 18/20m with a centre of 20 cm. Foot rests are used because athletes would not have time to get off their skates to shoot arrows and on rollers it would be too complicated. This innovative sport can be practised on the road or on the track.
The innovation is in making a sort of biathlon on roller skates, and using instead of carabine, a bow.

Typology of participants

This innovative sport is open to everyone that wants to try a new kind of sport. It does not require any specific skill or ability, but it’s suggested to have basic knowledge of roller-skating technique and arch handling to assure safety in the practice of RollArch.
The participants are going to be engaged through the basins of CSIT and AICS, people that already know archery and roller skating, but also people that stand outside of these networks. The possibility to open this sport to everyone is due to the fact that length and difficulties can be calibrated according to the age and the experience of the participants. We will provide the necessary equipment (thanks to AICS), length and difficulties can be calibrated according to the age and the experience of the participants. These aspects give us the possibility to reach people with economic disadvantage, families, children, elderly and people without any experience in sport to give them the possibility to try RollArch!

Partners, if any

The project is developed with the collaboration of AICS Archery and AICS Freestyle Skating sections.


Inline skates
bow and arrows
protection pads/helmet.
Possibility to borrow material from the organizers to enable everyone to approach the sport without expenses.

variable-length track suitable for roller-skating provided with enough surrounding space to set targets at the given distance of 18/20m.
Competitions at different levels can be organized without additional budget, by increasing/reducing the number of roller skating laps to be done or the distance and dimension of the target.

Presence of first aid medical personnel required for safety reasons
Referees at each shooting point, start/finish line
Timing service

Request for improvement

We’re looking for advice concerning the promotion aspect of this new sport, thinking of it as a fundamental step to spread the knowledge about RollArch in order to give to the largest number of people possible the opportunity to know and to try it.

Name: Fabrizio   –  Surname: Gherardi  –   Position in the project: Senior Leader   – Email:

The project is very interesting and, above all, feasible!
It requires technical and detailed skills regarding the bands of interest and the probable athletes concerned. Specifically, my advice was to focus on athletes with a predisposition or ability in skating, as I consider it a basic point from the point of view of balance to be able to try to hit a target. For this reason, the choice of field for the identification of new athletes should fall on the skating or dance schools that could also devise new forms of training also functional to their activities. Another aspect must be identified in the paths where to practice this combined sport, for this reason the thought goes to school gyms as with simple pins it is possible to create paths and make direct tests; from this point of view it can also become a motor and coordination exercise of school interest for coordination, balance and concentration valid, among other things, for any age of development.
The costs can be very affordable for those who are already equipped with primary equipment, such as skates and the bow, but certainly one aspect to consider is that of the possibility of injuries, so I would not recommend using this novelty for events or occasional athletes, but I suggest to propose it in combination with skating circuits or motor activities with evaluation systems and equipment for checking individual balance