The projects : BEACH HANDBALL

The projects : BEACH HANDBALL

Social inclusion through physical activities


Topic: Innovative Sport
Location: Catalunya
Request: Concept Note
Duration:DURING WSG’21
Typology: Championship
Brief Description:Our idea is to develop a sport that, although it already exists and is well established; brings an innovative element to the sports offer of the CSIT and the WSG.
In this case, we have chosen BEACH HANDBALL, a sport that derives from traditional handball and is well established. The choice of this sport is due to the awareness of the difficulty of having sports facilities for demonstrative and unofficial sports, and at the same time it is a complement to the current offer of CSIT beach sports


The specific objectives are:
– Offer a sport that does not take up space in the facilities and equipment intended for the WSG.
– Offer a sport in an attractive environment (beach) that encourages the practice of the activity
– Offer a technically simple sport, without contact and with a low risk of injury.
– Complement the CSIT’s offer of beach sports


One of the main impacts of the initiative is to complete the offer of beach sports. (Volleyball, wrestling and tennis), generating a whole category of specific sports and encouraging the whole family of sports, practiced in one place, to generate together, a greater interest in the public, and at the same time bring the environment closer. of beach participants in the WSG who practice the disciplines in other facilities.


A competition (king of the court mode) is proposed throughout the day, adapting the playing time. Conventionally, a match is divided into two 10-minute sets where each set has 2 5-minute parts. In our case we propose a single set of 5 minutes, to make an agile and motivating competition for the participants.
The innovative nature of the activity is determined primarily by its nature as an unconventional sporting activity. Then we have to keep in mind that it is held in an informal setting like the beach. At the same time, the proposed mode of competition (king of the court) by adapting the competition time, make the proposal innovative and can motivate participants from different disciplines of the WSG to take part.

Typology of participants

The initiative is aimed at participants from other WSG disciplines. The aim is to get closer to the beach environment where volleyball, wrestling and tennis are already held under the pretext of being able to take part in the BEACH HANDBALL tournament. The fact that you can participate in 5-minute competitions, without much knowledge, in mixed teams… should encourage the participation of the target audience.

Partners, if any



– Field 27 meters long by 12 wide
– Goals
– Rubbers to delimit areas
– tapes / cones to mark the surface of the field.
– It is also advisable that the field is grouped with the other sports of the CSIT, that there is atmosphere (speakers, music…) and that the hydration of the participants is guaranteed.

Request for improvement

– Do you think that the public authorities in the summer season will be willing to give up meters of beach to celebrate a demonstration sport without guarantees of attendance?
– Would you further adapt BEACH HANDBALL regulations to make it more accessible?
– Do you think that the collaboration of a partner is necessary to develop it or can it be promoted directly?
– Do you think that the fact that there is no conventional HANDBALL as a discipline can discourage the participation of other athletes from other disciplines?

Name: Giovanni   –  Surname: Tracanelli  –   Position in the project: Senior Leader   – Email:

Hello Friends, thank you for the nice meeting. If needed I can confirm and repeat in writing my comments. Let me know if you need any support to finalise the project and to present it to the next Csit ExCom in order to offer a beach handball event, with the “fast” regulations, already for the 2021 WSG in Cervia. Good Job!