WHAT WE ARE / Road to Youth Academy

WHAT WE ARE / Road to Youth Academy

YOUAca is a pilot program of education and mutual learning, that is aimed at developing skills for youngsters and young adults.

According to this the project proposal “YOUAca” is focused on providing a preparatory program of training addressing young people on specific knowledge and skills linked to grassroots sports management, which enhances employability specifically into the sport sector but also into the business/managerial sector. 

The main objective is to support a culture of educational programs into the sport organizations’ visions and policy plans. This objective will be realized by supporting innovative and educational approaches to develop skills of youngsters and young adults in grassroots sports management through the promotion of the dialogue with adult and senior sports leaders.

What are the main phases to start up the Academy of Grassroots Sport for Young Leaders?

Preparatory Activities

  • Set up of the YOUAca Trainers’ Team
  • Selection of the target group at national level (young leaders, representatives of local institutions and sports organizations)

1st Intergenerational training meeting in Tortosa (Spain) – March 2019

Objective: mapping the training needs of young leaders in the field of grassroots sport management and monitoring activities. According with the mapped training needs, the trainers will design the Trianing Modules

2nd International Youth Training Camp in Kisakeskus (Finland) – June 2019

Objective: to develop skills of leading groups and managing projects into the field of grassroots sport management, according to the mapped training needs

Implementation of the sports management skills at national level – from June to October 2019

An internship in which every national group of youngsters and young adults will be activated from the national staff members of the sports organization and will be coordinated to develop actions aiming at supporting the national sports organization activities during the stage of national or international sport events (logistic support, partners networking, dissemination and communication activities etc…).

3rd Intergenerational training meeting in Rome (Italy) – October 2019

Objectives: to develop basic skills on evaluation and monitoring of sports management skills