WHAT WE WANT / Young Leaders

WHAT WE WANT / Young Leaders

YOUAca intends to invest in young people’s activation to prepare the next generation of Leaders in grassroots sport management.


Currently, in sport organization at grassroots level, adults and seniors are more than young people. Usually, young people are engaged mostly in voluntary activities, but they don’t have the real opportunity to improve their skills in order to build their path into the sport’s sector.

From the other side, since there is a lack of young people sport organizations at the club level, at national level, but also at the European level, the policymakers are getting older and decision making becomes more bureaucratic.

In order to improve the situation, the project’s main achievement is to set up a new generation of young people involved in the sports organization’s activities and social decision making at all levels.

The project wants that sport organization become a platform through which young people can acquired skills and knowledges and develop them on the field. In this way, sport organizations can be the elective place for young people and adults where a passing of the torch is possible through an effective and structured intergenerational dialogue. The skills learned can be used by young people not only at sport management level, but also in different professional sectors.


From the point of view of a single participant


The project brings added value to the participants by enabling the creation of personal social networks and long-term cooperation.

Young people experience inclusion and gain a strong peer group from other participating countries.

This group can share ideas from good practices as well as help in problem situations.

Achieved competence and networking create your own path to apply for additional training and get a profession. Our direct goal is to get all the participants to continue in local clubs and in various managerial positions in different levels.


From the point of view of national organizations


To get new players and fresh perspectives for developing their own organization’s activities. The project wants to make it possible for national organizations to continue to engage with young people who are familiar with the organization and see potential development in it.

The project provides tools to enable organizations to develop and change their organization in an open way so that the opinions of young people were considered and their action proposals can be implemented in practice.